RicXeco - What's in the name?

RicXeco is a made up name. In the spirit of invention, which is used daily on a small farm, the name was created to be catchy, fun and easy to remember as well as capture internet domain names such as .INFO, .US, .COM and even .CA)

Farmers Market

You can find us at the Snohomish Farmers Market on Thursday, at Arlington Farmers Market on Saturday, at Everett Farmer Market on Friday and Marysville Farmer Market on Saturday.

Vegetables and Herbs

We grow 104 different varieties of veggies and herbs including 25 varieties of Tomatoes.

Late Winter Farm Update

The farm has been under a great deal of water this year with all the winter rains, Norman Road was washed out downstream from the farm, changing the flow of traffic in the neighborhood.
Will take a little longer than usual for the farmland to dry out.

Thank goodness for greenhouses!
Starting the seeds in the greenhouses.
Lettuces, greens, onions and tomatoes getting their start.

Thursday Snohomish Farmers Market

Starting June 2015, we will be present at the Thursday Snohomish Farmers Market.

You may get more information about this farmers market at: http://www.snohomishfarmersmarket.com

Preparing for the next season.

Seeding Walla Walla sweet onion

In anticipation for the summer, we start the production in the Greenhouse.

This year alone, thousands of onions, hundreds of tomatoes plants and pepper, thousands of cabbage, basil and other vegetables and herbs.

On picture, Walla Walla onion


Purchased land near Silvana, WA

Purchased some land near Silvana, WA. About 25 acres in all.

This used to be a short rotation hard wood plantation owned by a paper company. The trees have been cut in 2008 but the poplar are a volunteer bunch: They regrow quite happily after harvest.

Consequently, in order to put the farm plan in action, we can forecast some stump removal. (several thousand of them)


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What we grow

Large variety of vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, greens and herbs.


Main Market

RicXeco delivery targets the west side of the Cascade mountains in Washington state. If justified by quantities, special delivery can be organized to fit your needs.


Speciality Nursery

RicXeco Farm can supply some poplar trees for your landscaping need.


Special Order

You want to procure a special lettuce or vegetable. You may enter into a grow supply contract with RicXeco Farm