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Vegetables and Herbs

The seeds are here, the seeds are here. Well, OK, some have been harvested from last year and have been here all along.
This is a snapshot of what we are planting for 2017:
BEANS: Green; Yellow; Burgundy Red
BEETS: Chiogga; Golden; Egyptian Red
CABBAGE: Baby Bok Choy; Bok Choy; Golden Acre Green; Red Express
CARROTS: Nanto; Purple; Tendersweet; Winter
CUCUMBER: English, Regular, White, Pickling
EGGPLANT: Black Beauty
GARLIC: White Colossal; Russian; Purple; 20+ varieties
GREENS: Arugula; Red Chard; Rainbow Chard; Collards; Green Kale; Lacinato Kale; Mustard; Red Kale; Braising Mixed Greens
FRESH HERBS: Dill; Fennel; Curly Parsley; Italian Parsley; Rosemary; Basil; Lavender; Oregano; Sage; Spearmint; Thyme; Tarragon
LETTUCE: Green Butter; Green Leaf; Red Butter; Red Leaf; Romaine Hearts; Green Romaine; Red Romaine; Radicchio; Sorrel
ONIONS: Green; Shallots; Red; Yellow; Walla Walla Sweet
POTATOES: Kennebec; Purple; All Red; Yukon Gold
PEAS: Sugar Snap; Shelling Peas
PEPPERS: Green; Hot Mixed; Jalapeno; Orange; Red; Sweet Minis; Yellow; Cayenne
PUMPKIN: Sweet Pie; Jack-O-Lantern; Galeux D'Eysine
RADISHES: French Breakfast; Red
ROOTS: Green Kohlrabi; Parsnips; Purple Top Turnip
SQUASH: Kabocha; Delicata; Spaghetti; Sunburst; Zucchini; Green Acorn; Butternut
TOMATOES: Red Cherry; Yellow Cherry; Roma; Heirloom (15+ varieties)
BERRIES: Blueberry; Strawberry
MELON: Honey; Cantaloupe