Greenhouse Seeding

In anticipation for the summer, we start the production in the Greenhouse.
First we start with onions as they take the longest to grow, then we plant the tomatoes, peppers, cabbage family, greens.
Most of the rest of the production is direct sow.

Meet The Farmer

I grew up farming in a small town in Quebec, Canada.
I always envisioned that I would return to my roots but never quite knew how.
After a fulfilling career in IT (computers), I met the love of my life and moved to the United States to be with her.
At that time, I had the choice to restart my career in IT or return to working with the earth.
The soil was calling to me and I found myself owning a brand new red tractor.
My wife jokes that some men get a red Ferrari at midlife. At least I got the color right!


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